We encourage you to join RNAO and the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and let your elected representatives know that you, too, support banning fossil fuel advertising in Canada.

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Send an urgent message to Queen’s Park. Demand that Ontario’s Minister of Health to ensure that a supervised consumption site is made available to every community that needs one.

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Ontario’s vaccination roll-out has stumbled out of the gate. Please take a moment to set things right. Join us in urging Premier Doug Ford to start Phase 2 of the roll-out by putting vaccinations into the hands of the thousands of nurses, physicians and pharmacists working in community care across this province.

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Mass COVID-19 vaccinations are well underway in jurisdictions around the world. In Ontario, we have fallen behind.

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When we needed a full lockdown, the premier gave us something called a “shutdown.” Instead of the public measures necessary to curb the growth of dangerous COVID variants, we got word play.

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Premier, we call on you to issue the government’s plan. Time is of the essence to protect us all from a fourth COVID-19 wave driven by the dangerous Delta variant, which targets the unvaccinated.

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