The Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) recognizes and celebrates diversity in the nursing profession. The association remains dedicated to empowering its members from different communities and health sectors. It brings members’ voices, perspectives and experiences to the forefront and mobilizes action to improve health care for all. Explore RNAO’s current In Focus topics to learn more.

In Focus

RNAO and health equity

Black nurses and RNAO
Black nurses in Ontario have spoken openly with RNAO about their lived experiences with racism in all health-care sectors and academic institutions. RNAO is taking action in partnership with its Black members, colleagues and their allies to mobilize change.
Indigenous health and RNAO
The blatant atrocities suffered by Indigenous people spurred RNAO to continue its long-standing partnership with Indigenous communities to help address the effects of racism and discrimination on their health and wellness.
RNAO recognizes that injustices remain deeply ingrained in the health system and in workplace settings, academic institutions, professional associations and other structures affecting the health and wellbeing of 2SLGBTQI+ people.

Health system transformation

A nurse preparing to give a needle to a patient

Registered Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists and RNAO

Registered nurses (RN) led the development of RNAO almost ten decades ago, and have helped shape it into a dynamic professional organization that spans a broad range of interest groups, programs, events, and activities. With RN leadership, RNAO has expanded and evolved, to showcase the remarkable diversity of the nursing profession.


A picture collage of nurse practioners and a patient

Nurse Practitioners and RNAO

Nurse practitioners (NP) are positioned as global leaders of a new wave in health care that embraces the United Nations’ sustainable development goals and aims to advance an inclusive, equitable health and social system that leaves no one behind.


A senior make a heart with his hands

LTC Best Practice Program and RNAO

RNAO's LTC Best Practices Program sets the gold standard for resident care in the province. RNAO’s team of experienced LTC best practice coordinators are available to help improve the knowledge, skills and practices of the dedicated staff and management in Ontario LTC homes.


Nurses wellbeing 2

Nurses' health and wellbeing

RNAO is committed to assisting nurses in this time of crisis, and continue to develop solutions and strategies to support the health and wellbeing of Ontario’s nurses.


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Mental health and addiction

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Leading Change Toolkit™ 

The Leading Change Toolkit is an online open-access, evidence-informed implementation resource. The toolkit focuses on the uptake and sustainability of knowledge and uses two complementary frameworks (Social Movement Action and Knowledge to Action) to accelerate your success.


Leading change toolkit

Take your MPP to work LIVE

Each year, commencing at the beginning of Nursing Week, we encourage RNs, NPs and nursing students to take part in our annual Take Your MPP To Work™ political action event.

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Queen's Park on the Road

Contact your chapter/region policy and political action network officer and join RNAO’s advocacy on priority policy issues.

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Queen's Park Day

RNAO’s 22nd annual Queen’s Park Day (QPD) event was held on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022.

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