Nurse Practioners (NP) must work to their full scope.

    NPs are valuable to Ontario's health system: they reduce wait times and help patients navigate through the system. That's why RNAO has long pushed to broaden their role. Ontario hospitals should designate NPs to take the lead as most responsible provider in more cases.

    Looking for a new and exciting learning experience?

    RNAO is now accepting proposals for the Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship (ACPF) program. The fellowship provides RNs and NPs with the opportunity to develop clinical, leadership or best practice guideline implementation knowledge and skills with support from a mentor, the organization where the RN/NP is employed and RNAO.

    This initiative is aimed at developing and promoting nursing knowledge and expertise to improve client care and health outcomes in Ontario.

    Ensure your nursing colleagues are not missing out on the association's latest membership offer.

    Now for only $100, RNs and NPs who are not RNAO members can join and enjoy all the benefits of being a member. For colleagues who work 15 hours or less per week, their membership fee is only $87.83.