Would you like to meet RNAO’s nursing leaders? Do you have questions or thoughts to share about your experience as an RN, NP or nursing student?

    Celebrating our fourth-annual fall tour, RNAO CEO Doris Grinspun and president Angela Cooper Brathwaite will be visiting communities across the province to check in with nurses and hear their views on any issues related to their practice or the health system.

    As your professional association, RNAO is committed to speaking out for nursing and speaking out for health. Your talent, expertise and activism are vital to our success.

    RNAO is seeking candidates (RNAO members) for the following positions on the board of directors for the 2019-2021 term.

    Do you have questions about RNAO’s professional liability protection (PLP)? Or about the benefits of joining the Legal Assistance Program (LAP)?

    Join Roberta Tasson, partner of The Magnes Group Inc. and Mara Haase, RNAO’s LAP administrator to discuss the differences between PLP and LAP, the scope of coverage provided, and how to obtain legal assistance.

    Webinars will be offered in the evening of Oct. 17 and Nov. 5. Be sure to register online today.