As RNAO continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Ontario, we would like to share that we have a contingency plan in place for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for June 11-13, 2020. To ensure required AGM business is carried out, we are taking the necessary steps to hold the AGM virtually, if necessary.  

    Looking for a new and exciting learning experience? RNAO is now accepting request for proposals for the Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship program.

    The program provides RNs and NPs the opportunity to develop their clinical, leadership or best practice guideline implementation knowledge and skills with support from a mentor(s), the organization where the RN/NP is employed and RNAO.

    Fellowships can take place any time between Sept. 4, 2020 - Feb. 1, 2021 and run for approximately 12 weeks (full-time) or 20 weeks (part-time) for a total of 450 hours.

    In a move to help out during this pandemic, Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario donated its school’s ventilators, personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitizers and IV pumps to Lakeridge Health Oshawa on March 26. 

    The donation comes after Dr. Judeline Innocent, RN and executive Dean for the School of Health and Community Services at Durham College reached out to the different schools at the college. In response, several volunteered to donate their equipment such as schools of heath programs, dental hygiene and engineering.