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Action Alert
Enshrine a nursing home basic care guarantee in legislation, premier, set the path forward!
We call on the premier to honour and respect those who died, the ones who loved them and the ones who cared for them.
Action Alert
Don’t give up on these kids, premier!
Keep open the Kinark Child and Family Services Program at Syl Apps Youth Centre!
Action Alert
Do what must be done, premier!
The third wave of COVID-19 is a tidal wave that demands urgent and immediate action from our government.

Current issues

Long-term care and rehab
Long-term care
An aging long-term care resident population with increasing medical complexity calls for increased care from staff with the right skill mix, yet Ontario continues to underfund and understaff homes. Residents and staff deserve better.
Nursing policy
Chronic underfunding and understaffing across all health sectors in Ontario, and the relentless replacement of RNs and NPs with less qualified health-care workers, is challenging the effectiveness of RNs and NPs and the system as a whole.
Opioid overdose crisis
The opioid overdose crisis has gotten worse during COVID-19. RNAO continues to advocate for a harm reduction approach that respects basic human dignity and the rights of people who use substances.

Our vision

Our vision is of an Ontario that creates the conditions for health and wellness for everyone by addressing the many determinants of health.

That means a system that is:


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with interprofessional care teams anchored in the communities where people live, work and play.


where care is coordinated so that transitions from sector to sector, service to service, are seamless.

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where a person and their support system are viewed as a whole and empowered to be genuine partners for their own health.

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Publicly funded and not-for-profit

so that it is efficient and sustainable and everyone, no matter their means, receives the care they require.


where deliberate efforts are made to decrease gaps in health outcomes, services and experiences.


Upcoming events

COVID-19 webinar series
The COVID-19 vaccine will change the course of this pandemic. As millions of people are getting immunized, how can we as health-care workers become champions for this vaccine.
Black Nurses Task Force webinars
Join us for our monthly webinar series hosted by our Black Nurses Task Force and engage in meaningful conversations to tackle anti-Black racism and discrimination within the nursing profession.
RNAO facilitates open discussions and holds breakout sessions for participants to discuss themes identified in the previous forums, such as dealing with multiple losses, taking care of yourself, burnout and more.