Action Alert: Let’s make pharmacare happen!

With the passage of Bill C-64 at second reading in the Senate, on June 18, Canada is inching ever closer to a long-awaited national pharmacare program. Yet, to make pharmacare a reality, the bill needs to move speedily through the Senate and receive royal assent. 

Join us! Call on Prime Minister Trudeau and Senate leadership to deliver a universal, single-payer pharmacare program, benefiting all Canadians. Call on Premier Doug Ford to work with the federal government and make pharmacare happen in Ontario!

In 2021, 21 per cent of the country’s population – including a disproportionate number of immigrants and racialized Canadians – did not have insurance to cover the cost of prescription medications. Many of these fellow Canadians end up in emergency departments and are admitted to hospitals. And many others develop chronic illnesses which they can’t manage because they can’t afford the medications they need.

Bill C-64 sets out a path to universal coverage, starting with specific prescription medications and related products for contraception and diabetes. It also contains a framework for universal, single-payer pharmacare that would cover all essential medications from coast to coast to coast – and would save Canada billions of dollars through centralized purchasing.

To make all this happen, the federal government must ensure Bill C-64 receives royal assent. Then the federal government must reach agreements with all provinces and territories. Nurses call on Premier Ford to make Ontario the first province to reach agreement with the federal government.

Vigilance is also needed to ensure that politicians, including Senators, not succumb to pressures from insurance companies, pharma and other corporate interests. A successful pharmacare plan that will reach all in Canada hinges on continued advocacy and oversight to safeguard against any potential backpedaling or watering down of the proposed program.

RNAO has fought hard to get to this day and we will continue to do so. Join us! Call on Prime Minister Trudeau, Senators, and Premier Ford to make sure that a universal, comprehensive, single-payer pharmacare program – one that benefits everyone – becomes a reality in Ontario and in Canada.

Copy will be sent to the following:

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
prime minister of Canada
Hon. Doug Ford
premier of Ontario and provincial minister of intergovernmental affairs
Hon. Mark Holland
MP and federal minister of health
Hon. Chrystia Freeland
MP and deputy prime minister and federal minister of finance
Hon. Dominic LeBlanc
MP and federal minister of intergovernmental affairs, infrastructure and communities
Hon. Pierre Poilievre
MP and leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
Stephen Ellis
MP and health critic for the Conservative Party of Canada
Jagmeet Singh
MP and leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada
Peter Julian
MP and federal health critic for the New Democratic Party of Canada
Elizabeth May
MP and leader of the Green Party of Canada
Hon. Kim Pate
Hon. Ratna Omidvar
Hon. Rosemary Moodie
Hon. Sharon Burey
Hon. Donna Dasko
Hon. Jane Cordy
Hon. Wanda Thomas Bernard
Hon. Patrick Brazeau
Hon. René Cormier
Hon. Marie-Françoise Mégie
Hon. Flordeliz (Gigi) Osler
Hon. Chantal Petitclerc
Hon. Judith G. Seidman
Hon. Mohammad Khair Al Zaibak
Hon. Salma Ataullahjan
Hon. Robert Black
Hon. Peter M. Boehm
Hon. Gwen Boniface
Hon. Andrew Cardozo
Hon. Bernadette Clement
Hon. Marty Deacon
Hon. Tony Dean
Hon. Peter Harder
Hon. Frances Lankin
Hon. Lucie Moncion
Hon. Marnie McBean
Hon. Rebecca Patterson
Hon. Paulette Senior
Hon. Toni Varone
Hon. Hassan Yussuff
Hon. Sylvia Jones
deputy premier and minister of health
Hon. Peter Bethlenfalvy
MPP and provincial minister of finance
Marit Stiles
MPP and leader of the official opposition
France Gélinas
MPP and Ontario New Democratic Party health critic
Bonnie Crombie
leader of the Ontario Liberal Party
Adil Shamji
MPP and Ontario Liberal Party critic on health and northern and Indigenous issues
Mike Schreiner
MPP and leader of the Green Party of Ontario
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