Welcome to Take Your MPP To Work 2023!

Take Your MPP to Work (TYMTW) is one of RNAO’s signature political action events that begins during Nursing Week each year. For 20 years, RNs, NPs and nursing students across Ontario have welcomed elected officials, including leaders of provincial and federal political parties, MPPs and MPs, into their workplaces. 

TYMTW is an exciting and empowering opportunity for nurses and our health system partners to engage in the political process and help politicians understand the issues nurses face. For participating health system partners, it is an opportunity to showcase nursing practice and programs, as well as the benefits of funding them. The event has grown to become an important advocacy event for RNAO members, health organizations and elected officials alike. 

This year, TYMTW visits will be held in-person! TYMTW 2023 kicks off during Nursing Week (May 8 – 14) and will continue into the summer months to ensure each elected official has the opportunity to go to work with an RNAO member. 

Stay tuned for more information. ​​​​

“Nurses hold the key to addressing our current health-care crisis – but only if our crisis in nursing is first resolved. Because nursing is a caring profession, we sometimes forget that nurses, too, need nurturing. They need access to education, healthy work environments and workplace supports to continue fulfilling their vital roles.”

TYMTW toolkit to support your event: COMING SOON