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Free support for evidence-based care

With RNAO’s Long-Term Care Best Practices Program, you get free support from long-term care (LTC) experts in implementing evidence-based best practice guidelines (BPG), used by many Ontario LTC homes and hundreds of sites around the world.

Long-Term Care Best Practices Program

About the LTC program

The RNAO 14 LTC implementation coaches provide free support to long-term care homes looking to enhance resident quality of care and foster a positive work environment for staff, through the implementation of the RNAO best practice guidelines (BPG) recommendations.

The implementation coaches can help identify practice gaps and assist with the development of action and sustainability plans by collaborating with long-term care homes.

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Events and education

We offer a wide variety of educational events and learning resources. The courses work as independent learning, group learning, and in combination with larger programs.

Mentoring and capacity building

If you're a nursing student or nurse in long-term care, we have on-demand resources to support you at every stage of your journey.

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     Program impact

    Reduced pain

    At Watford Quality Care, the number of residents who reported their pain intensity as severe dropped from 31.5 per cent to one per cent.

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    Fewer injuries

    One long-term care home in Ontario experienced a 75.2 per cent decrease in falls-related injuries within one year of implementing one of RNAO's best practice guidelines.

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    Happy residents

    There was an 80 per cent increase in residents’ and families’ satisfaction with their involvement in the care and treatment plan at five implementation sites.

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    Want to learn more about impacting residents and families?

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    BPSO leads

    The BPSO designation is a chance to show residents and families that your organization is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure quality care. 

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      Clinicians: Work in LTC

      Caring for Ontario’s seniors is one of the most important responsibilities we have as a community. It’s also incredibly rewarding!

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      Students and preceptors

      You are the future of long-term care, and we’re here to support you with a variety of resources. You can even get support from our experts.

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