The nursing student and preceptor long-term care (LTC) program is a web-based repository of resources to support students and preceptors engaging in nursing student placements.

The Power of Strong Clinical Placements in LTC Webinar 

Leaders of LTC homes, clinical instructors, preceptors and nursing students joined RNAO on May 16 to a conversation about how LTC homes and academic institutions can ignite the passion for nursing student placements in LTC.

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Resources to support students and preceptors engaging in nursing student placements

Preceptorship in LTC
Preceptors of nursing students in long-term care

This five-part video series has been developed RNAO Long-Term Care Best Practices Program to support preceptors of nursing students in long-term care (LTC) placements to recognize the value of being a preceptor.

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Student orientation hero
Student orientation for long-term care (LTC) placement

This four-part video series has been developed by the RNAO Long-Term Care Best Practices Program to assist nursing students in recognizing the diverse and unique experiences their long-term care (LTC) placement can present.

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Long-Term Care Best Practices Toolkit

The LTC Toolkit is designed to offer point-of-care staff, nurses, educators and leaders access to the best available evidence-based resources and tools. It supports the use of best practice guidelines (BPG), program development, implementation and evaluation to enhance the quality of resident care and create a healthy work environment (HWE).

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Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship Program

The ACPF program provides registered nurses (RN) and nurse practitioners (NP) the opportunity to have a focused self-directed learning experience. Fellowships within the LTC stream focus on developing resources, approaches and programs that will support student clinical placements in long-term care homes. This fellowship stream has been established in response to the need to develop positive, engaging clinical placement experiences for third- and fourth-year nursing students. As a recruitment strategy, this will provide nursing students with the opportunity to experience the range of nursing leadership roles in long-term care and ultimately encourage long-term care as a sector in which to develop their career. Fellowships in this stream may focus on developing creative student placements that help develop clinical, leadership, advocacy and quality improvement skills.

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Long-Term Care Coordinator Support

The LTC Care Coordinators, part of the RNAO Long-Term Care Best Practices Program can support the development of positive student learning experiences in LTC.

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