Student orientation for long-term care (LTC) placement

This four-part video series has been developed RNAO Long-Term Care Best Practices Program to assist nursing students in recognizing the diverse and unique experiences their long-term care (LTC) placement can present. The videos highlight the student’s role, the distinct culture found in LTC, potential career opportunities and how the resident is at the centre of all care.

Part 1: Role of the student

This video highlights  the student nurse’s role in LTC, the preceptor’s role and how to get the most out of the LTC placement experience.

Part 2: Residents as the centre of care

This video highlights the demographics of LTC , as well as the common health conditions students may encounter during their placement. Resident-centred care is the basis of all care delivery in LTC. This video also discusses resident’s rights  and prevention of neglect and abuse. 

Part 3: Culture of LTC

This video highlights how LTC homes are funded and regulated with a high-level review of applicable legislation and processes. It  also reviews health and safety considerations that should be noted for a safe nursing student placement in LTC.

Part 4: Opportunities

This video highlights the privilege of working in the resident’s home, and how this can foster unique relationships with residents and their families. It also explores various clinical and leadership career opportunities available in the LTC sector.


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