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LTC BPG Program impact

There are dozens of case studies that show the positive impact of implementing our best practice guidelines (BPG). Our BPGs make a difference to the lives of long-term care (LTC) home residents, their families, and health-care teams. Best of all, these are successes that can be carried forward into the future. 

LTC BPG Program impact

LTC homes mobilizing change

30.5 per cent relative decrease in severe pain reports.

At Watford Quality Care, the number of residents who reported their pain intensity as severe dropped from 31.5 per cent to 1 per cent. Positive results have been sustained over more than a year.

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75 per cent decrease in falls-related injuries 

Braemar Retirement Centre saw a 75.2 per cent relative decrease (from 15.49 per cent to 3.85 per cent) in falls-related injuries within one year of BPG implementation. 

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80 per cent increase in resident and family satisfaction

Implementing the Person- and Family- Centred Care BPG led to an 80 per cent increase in residents’ and families’ satisfaction with their involvement in the care and treatment plan.

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100 per cent decrease in influenza cases 

During the 2017 to 2018 peak influenza season, Highland Wood experienced no respiratory outbreaks, a 100 per cent decrease from the previous year, while the LHIN saw a 57 per cent increase.

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Removing restraints yields multiple benefits

Bringing in a restraint-free culture resulted in an average reduction of 63 per cent in injurious falls and 40 per cent in antipsychotic medication use. Family satisfaction rates increased by 14 per cent.

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Decrease in delirium incidents

Hospital saw a decrease in delirium incidents across three units thanks to the Delirium, Dementia and Depression in Older Adults: Assessment and Care BPG.

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More evidence

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Best practice guidelines

You can also look at the RNAO guidelines that helped make these changes a reality.

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Impact of implementation

A group of BPSO leads

BPSO leads

The BPSO designation is a chance to show residents and families that your organization is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure quality care. 

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    Clinicians: Work in LTC

    Caring for Ontario’s seniors is one of the most important responsibilities we have as a community. It’s also incredibly rewarding!

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    Students and preceptors

    You are the future of long-term care, and we’re here to support you with a variety of resources. You can even get support from our experts.

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