Action Alert: Keep health-care coverage for the uninsured, premier!

The ministry of health announced last week it was shutting down a program that has provided access to primary care and hospital care to uninsured persons. The decision goes into effect March 31.

Join us! Call on the premier to keep health-care coverage for the uninsured.

In March 2020, the government extended access to health care to everybody in the province – with or without an OHIP card. This ensured that no one in our province was without access to the care they needed. On March 31, people without insurance coverage will no longer be able to rely on getting care at hospitals or some community-based centres. This decision has the potential to lead to devastating complications for people who are ill and the health of communities.

Join us! Call on the premier to ensure continued access to health services for all people living in Ontario.

Copy will be sent to the following:

Hon. Doug Ford
premier of Ontario and provincial minister of intergovernmental affairs
Hon. Sylvia Jones
deputy premier and minister of health
Marit Stiles
MPP and leader of the official opposition
France Gélinas
MPP and Ontario New Democratic Party health critic
John Fraser
interim party leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and MPP for Ottawa South
Adil Shamji
MPP and Ontario Liberal Party critic on health and northern and Indigenous issues
Mike Schreiner
MPP and leader of the Green Party of Ontario
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