Action Alert: Prioritize mandatory naloxone training for police

Opioid overdose is an acute and escalating public health crisis in Ontario. Ontario needs all first responders carrying and trained in the use of Naloxone, including police. Urge government House Leader, Paul Calandra, to prioritize passage of Bill 105, the Mandatory Police Training Act, 2019.

In May, 2019, MPP and Registered Nurse Natalia Kusendova tabled Bill 105 in the Legislature. The bill requires that all police and special constables be trained in the use of naloxone, a life-saving medication that blocks the effects of opioids. The Bill was referred to Committee later that monthIt has not moved since.

Many lives have been lost to opioid overdose since then. Just last week the Public Health Agency of Canada reported that over 900 lives were lost to opioid overdose in Ontario in the first six months of this year. That’s, on average, five deaths per day in Ontario from opioid overdose - up from two per day in 2016, three per day in 2017 and four per day in 2018. These deaths were preventable.

Saving lives is everyone’s job. Please urge government House Leader, Paul Calandra, to prioritize passage of Bill 105. Lives are at stake.

Copy will be sent to the following:

Christine Elliott
Minister of Health, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
Hon. Doug Ford
premier of Ontario and provincial minister of intergovernmental affairs
John Fraser
interim party leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and MPP for Ottawa South
Mike Schreiner
MPP and leader of the Green Party of Ontario
Andrea Horwath
Ontario New Democratic Party, MPP
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Your local MPP