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A message for Canada’s First Ministers: RNAO says national standards in long-term care urgently needed

We applaud the federal government for committing, in its September Speech from the Throne, to establish national standards for long-term care (LTC). There is no time to lose. As we face a resurgence of COVID-19 across Canada, RNAO calls upon the federal government to act now on its commitment. National standards for LTC are long overdue and seniors are paying with their lives. 


Reuniting family with their loved ones in long-term care homes during COVID-19

RNAO actively calls on the Ontario government to reunite residents in long-term care (LTC) homes with their loved ones. This statement reflects the urgent need for action in all LTC homes, including those in COVID-19 outbreak. This call is guided by the need of residents and their loved ones to access the foundational person- and family-centred care that is vital to their quality of life. 

Family caregivers augment the care provided by staff, and in fact assist with up to 30 per cent of this care.iii We believe they must be seen as “essential visitors” as defined by the current health ministry directive, and recommend they are identified as Essential Family Care Partners (EFCP). Without the restrictions placed by COVID-19 directives, EFCPs are welcomed by the LTC home staff -- considered integral to the care team -- and contribute to person- and family-centred care.


Nursing Home Basic Care Guarantee 

RNAO calls for a new era in LTC by guaranteeing the basic care needed, shoring up staffing levels for regulated and personal support staff, and adjusting the staff mix, so residents in nursing homes can count on consistent, safe and quality care.

The Nursing Home Basic Care Guarantee is for a staffing formula that provides no less than four hours of direct nursing and personal care per resident, per day. The formula also calls to ensure the proper skill mix by allocating a minimum of 0.8 hours (48 minutes) of RN care per resident, per day, 1.0 hours (60 minutes) of RPN care, and 2.2 hours of PSW care (132 minutes). Such an allocation would provide each resident with safe care and quality of life.

Visit our official Nursing Home Basic Care Guarantee webpage, and sign our Action Alert


Long-Term Care Systemic Failings: Two Decades of Staffing and Funding Recommendations 

RNAO identified 35 reports available online related to staffing and funding models in long-term
care, from 1999 to 2020. This list is not exhaustive, however reflects the consistent demand for
attention to staffing numbers, staff mix and professional practice along with funding support to
ensure safe, competent, evidence-based person-centred care. 



Facebook support group
RNAO Long-Term Care Support: Connecting Families Facebook Group

RNAO and AdvantAge Ontario recognize the profound impact social distancing is having on families and friends with loved ones living in long-term care (LTC) homes. Given current visiting restrictions, we've set up a Facebook group to provide a forum for people to share stories and get support from others experiencing a similar situation.

Join this private Facebook group

Resources in response to COVID-19 emerging issues

RNAO is listening, anticipating and responding to the needs of the long-term care sector during this unprecedented time. All of the resources below are available to anyone who may find them helpful in the fight against COVID-19, but have been identified as needs from those working in long-term care.


Resuming visits to long-term care

We are committed to supporting you during this difficult time of COVID-19. With the recent ministry announcement and direction  regarding both outdoor and indoor visits in  LTC Homes, our team of LTC Best Practice Coordinators have revised several resources that you may find helpful. We recognize that you may already have outdoor visits in place, but these resources may assist your home now that  indoor visits have been announced by the MOH.


Long-term care nurse practitioner COVID-19 webinars

In an effort to support NPs (members & non-members) working in long-term care through the COVID-19 pandemic, RNAO is facilitating semi-weekly meetings to discuss clinical and other issues so colleagues can exchange best practices through rapid learning to tackle their situations and support one another. NPs working in LTC are encouraged to join these monthly meetings.

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Greenwood Court: lessons learned from a COVID-19 outbreak

Webinar presentation slides: Lessons learned through a COVID-19 outbreak

LTC-BPSO Cohort G #Cheer4HealthWorkers! #TogetherWeCanDoIt

At our first virtual long-term care (LTC) best practice spotlight organization (BPSO) Cohort G Program Launch on May 25, 2020, we cheered for health workers as part of our #Cheer4HealthWorkers #TogetherWeCanDoIt campaign.