With the record-high daily COVID-19 cases pushing towards 5,000, RNAO activated VIANurse to augment nursing human resources in critical care on April 14, 2021.

Critical Care Nurses

RNAO has demonstrated its commitment to Ontarians and our health system during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the provincial government’s plan to expand ICU beds across the province, we are anticipating a need for additional registered nurses (RNs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) to provide care to these patients. We're asking those of you with experience and competency in the provision of critical care health services, who are not currently working in these settings, or who can increase their hours, to support the increased demand.

A survey was sent out to RNAO’s RNs and NPs. Colleagues with experience and competencies in critical care are asked to fill out a survey to indicate their availability to work to tackle the pandemic.

When employers in your area need critical care nurses, you will be connected to their hiring personnel via email for them to take it from there regarding application, hours of work, compensation and etc.


Employers who need critical care nurses can fill out this FORM. RNs and NPs in your geographical area will be connected to your hiring personnel via email for you to take it from there regarding application, hours of work, compensation and etc.

Please note that COVID-19 VIANurse is only focused on critical care. For other staffing needs, nurses and employers should access RNAO's official career site,

Please read the thank you letters we've received: