Strategies For Teams Who Lead Change

Mar 22, 2022, 11:00am - 11:45am
About this Event:

Many change initiatives are led by a team of committed champions or change agents.  

In this presentation, we described the key components of an effective change or implementation team including:

  • shared leadership
  • the ability to work together and collaborate
  • the engagement of staff and other stakeholders
  • the management of risk associated with the change

Content and practical resources from the Leading Change Toolkit™ were highlighted. Examples of change teams from across health sectors were also included.  

During this presentation, participants learned how to:

  • be strategic and recruit individuals for the change team
  • define roles and responsibilities of the change team that reflect shared or horizontal leadership
  • apply elements of social movement action (such as the urgent need for change, framing and shared purpose) to engage colleagues and others in the change
  • develop trust within and beyond the change team to navigate risks associated with the change
  • manage common problems faced by change teams with suggested strategies for resolution


  • Katherine Wallace, RN, MHS, RNAO senior manager, implementation science, project lead – Leading Change Toolkit™

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