RNAO’s Clinical Pathways for LTC

Jan 21, 2022, 9:00am - 10:00am
About this Event:

RNAO’s Clinical Pathways for long-term care (LTC) is a webinar designed for registered nurses and registered practical nurses in the sector to learn about how these digital clinical decision support tools will optimize resident care and help homes meet key requirements of the proposed Fixing Long-Term Care Act 2021.

The devastating impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic in LTC homes in Ontario provides evidence that there is much more to be done to enhance the quality of resident care provided across the sector and to improve working conditions for nurses. Addressing the challenges of an overwhelmed health system in Ontario is a social and political priority. A key provincial initiative will be the April 2022 launch of RNAO’s Clinical Pathways for LTC. These clinical decision support tools are the result of a partnership with PointClickCare (PCC) to digitize RNAO’s best practice guidelines (BPG) and embed them in PCC’s electronic documentation system to support evidence-based care planning and care delivery.

RNAO has been actively promoting clinical excellence through evidence‐based practice in the LTC sector for many years. To date, more than 100 LTC homes in the province are implementing RNAO’s BPGs and realizing tremendous outcomes for residents, staff and their health‐care facilities.

All LTC homes in Ontario will be able to access these clinical decision support tools and RNAO’s implementation support resources at no cost.  

Objectives: During this presentation, participants learned how RNAO’s Clinical Pathways will:

  • ensure compliance with the Long-Term Care Act
  • optimize resident-centred care
  • support evidence-based care planning and care delivery
  • improve efficiency
  • reduce documentation burden
  • enhance communication and engagement with residents and their families
  • eliminate unnecessary resident hospital admissions and readmissions
  • monitor and measure outcomes for ongoing quality improvement 
  • reduce staff fatigue and burnout
  • increase staff retention


  • RNAO CEO Dr. Doris Grinspun 

Cost for Members: 
$0.00 CAD
Cost for non-Members: 
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