NP Insider: Nurse practitioners as Clinical Behavioural Response Specialists

Mar 22, 2022, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
About this Event:

The nurse practitioner (NP) Inisder is a Nurse Practitioner Interest Group (NPIG) regular webinar exclusive to members of the NPIG. This particular event will highlight the unique role of nurse practitioners working with Behavioral Supports Ontario (BSO) as well as demonstrate how NPs can refer to BSO and the benefits this will have for their patients. 

Many NPs in community practices may not be aware of the unique services provided by BSO, nor how and when to involve them in the care of patients. BSO provides consultative services to support older adults in Ontario with, or at risk of, responsive behaviours/personal expressions associated with dementia, complex mental health, substance use and/or other neurological conditions. They also provide support to family care partners and health-care providers across sectors.

NPs working with BSO have a unique role. They are considered clinical behavioural response specialists (CBRS). However, unlike other CBRS team members, NPs can work in their full scope to provide an even more comprehensive assessment (including full Lab and DI work up) as well as medication reviews and tailored comprehensive interventions. Their knowledge and expertise is well respected and not confined by a medical model of care. 

The NPs with BSO also enhance and encourage the collaboration of services between the BSO team (which includes care of the elderly physicians, psychiatrists, CBRS, psychogeriatric resource consultants (PRC) and family support services) and the community partners  providing services for the client and their family. 

During this presentation, participants will: 

  • gain a better understanding of the unique role of the nurse practitioner with North East Behavioural Supports Ontario 
  • understand what responsive behaviours/personal expressions are and the comprehensive person-centred approach BSO uses to understand them
  • be informed on how to access NEBSO as a consultative service with OTN and a referral service to support clients 
  • understand how to locate BSO regional services across Ontario 


  • Shannon Clausen, NP-PHC MACP, NPIG co-chair 


  • Shannon Cadieux, NP-PHC BScN, NP with North East Behavioral Supports Ontario - North Bay Region 
  • Stephanie Jarvis, NP–Adult, BScN, MN, GNC (c), NP with North East Behavioral Supports Ontario  - East Algoma Region 


Cost for Members: 
$0.00 CAD