RNAO encourages members, chapters, regions without chapters and interest groups to submit resolutions for review and discussion at RNAO’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members who submit resolutions help raise the profile of important nursing and health issues and engage colleagues in discussions that matter to RNs, NPs and nursing students.

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Resolutions process

Call for resolutions

Resolutions can be submitted throughout the year up to 5 p.m. (ET) on the Monday of the 17th week immediately preceding the week in which RNAO’s AGM is held.

Review of resolutions

All resolutions are reviewed by the Provincial Resolutions Committee to ensure they meet guidelines. The committee will provide comments to submitters regarding any key issues or concerns related to a resolution. The committee will prepare a report to be circulated to RNAO’S board of directors and members of the association at least four weeks before the date of the AGM.

Presentation at AGM

Submitters present their resolutions for consideration at the AGM to consultation representatives from each provincial interest group and chapter/regions without chapters. Consultation representatives review and vote for the resolutions to be worked on for the upcoming year.

Following AGM

RNAO staff collaborate with resolution submitters to work on carried resolutions and provide a report at the next AGM.

Carried at the 2023 AGM

Increase new nurse retention and capacity
Ensure greater representation of Black nurse practitioners
Advocate for anti-racist education
Encourage the Ontario Chief Medical Officer to act independently of the government
Advocate for government to fund nursing schools to train students on emotional coping strategies

Carried at the 2022 AGM

Resources for independent practice nursing
Accessibility to childhood vaccine information
Expand NP scope under the Mental Health Act
Timely access to perinatal mental health services
Accessibility of sharps boxes in patients room
Independent practice in policy and remuneration

Carried at the 2021 AGM

Support of a national grief strategy
Compassionate Care Framework
Professional development for nurse practitioners
Mental health support in workplaces and academic institutions
Access to mental health supports for Ontario children and youth
Indigenous knowledge keepers, Elders and nursing Care

Submit a resolution

Submissions are now open. Deadline for submission is Jan.31, 2024.

SubMit a resolution

Carried at the 2020 AGM