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Home and auto insurance

HUB offers the widest possible range of options in personal insurance for you and your family. For the past 25 years, HUB has been the broker of choice for RNAO. As an RNAO member, you have access to exclusive group rates and discounts available through HUB. As a broker, HUB compares prices and coverage options from multiple companies in one quote.

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Benefits and features 

  • Exclusive group rates
  • Wide array of discounts including:
    Combined home and auto 
    Student away at school
    Claims free
    Mortgage free
    Smoke free 
  • Telematics - usage-based insurance

  • No monthly service fee
  • Spouse and dependents eligible
  • 24/7 claims assistance  

Types of Insurance 

  • Auto 
  • Home / condo
  • Tenants / renters 
  • Cottage
  • Boat
  • Recreational vehicles 
  • Trailers / seasonal homes 
  • Motorcycle 

Online quoting is available 

HUB International is committed to supporting nurses in Ontario:

  • Offsetting the cost for new nursing graduates to join RNAO
  • President's Award for Leadership in Clinical Nursing Practice
  • HUB Fellowship Award 
  • Providing funds through the HUB Gives program to help chapters connect within their communities and with fellow nurses
  • RNAO is eligible to receive compensation for sponsoring the RNAO Group Home and Auto Insurance Program

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Personal insurance programs 

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RNAO offers its members access to a comprehensive range of benefits. You and your family can receive affordable, flexible convenient benefits through the partnership with HUB International. As an RNO member, you can choose a combination of coverage that fits your needs.

  • Life insurance 
  • Accidental death and dismemberment 
  • Long-term disability

  • Critical illness 
  • Extended health care and dental
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Long-term disability brochure Download
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To obtain a free, no-obligation quote for the plan that best suits your needs, contact HUB International at

HUB is a global insurance broker-age that puts you at the centre of everything we do. Our reach and resources mean you have the insurance you need when you need it — and before you need it. HUB provides complete protection: property, casualty, life and health insurance products; employee benefits and business risk management; and wealth management products and services.

Travel insurance

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As an RNAO member, you have access to exclusive group rates and discounts available through HUB International – a preferred RNAO partner since 1995.

As a broker, HUB compares prices and coverage options from multiple companies in one quote.

Let's be sure you're covered for trip cancellation and emergency medical expenses while travelling.


Life is unpredictable

Planning a vacation? Setting aside time to visit family or friends? Whatever prompts you to mark your calendar for a trip, remember to prepare for the unexpected.

Whether you travel outside your province or to another country, it is essential that you are properly protected with insurance that covers any medical expenses that arise. The reason is simple: even if your provincial plan will pay for emergency medical treatment, the amount covered is based on what that same service costs where you live — and there are many essentials that government health insurance plans do not cover at all. As a result, you could be out of pocket for a substantial sum, depending on where the emergency occurs and the treatment received.

Also, between the moment you book your tickets and the day you're due to depart, anything can happen — making travel suddenly impossible. A family member could be injured or become ill, requiring you to stay at home to provide essential care.

When you have travel insurance, you have more options and fewer worries.

Get protection for your next trip now

Or speak with our insurance expert at HUB to set up a policy for you:

Jennifer Francis, Special Risk Account Manager, WMEB

Phone: 416-597-7729 ext. 7729
Cell: 416-598-5437

Nicole Apostolidis, Account Assistant (Special Risk), WMEB

​​Phone: 416-591-7051

Pet insurance

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Happy pet. Happy you.
Some people marvel at the way our pets can have such a big im-pact on our lives. Pet people get it. Pets Plus Us talked to pet owners and veterinarians across Canada about the special place pets hold in their lives, and took the feedback to create a unique insurance coverage offering.

RNAO members are eligible for a discount on pet insurance through Pets Plus Us

Combining exceptional coverage with valuable membership products and services, great customer service and access to a vibrant community of pet owners.

Only Pets Plus Us offers:

  • Four coverage options
    Including accident, accident and illness, and wellness care
  • Stand-alone wellness care coverage
    It’s like a subscription for regular vet visits for your pet
  • 4Life guarantee
    Once members are enrolled, benefits are guarantee to renew each year for the insured pet’s lifetime
  • Simplified claims 
    Pets Plus Us claim forms have been designed to be quick and easy to use. Plus, policies are under-written up front, so there are no surprises about what’s covered and what’s not
  • Blue Ribbon benefits
    Members enjoy access to valuable products and services like PetHelpFone™, Pet Poi-son Helpline® , Pet-Lynx™ lost-pet services, bereavement support and a subscription to Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine
  • AIR MILES® reward miles
    Only our members get AIR MILES® reward miles with every $20 in premiums

RNAO members receive a preferred rate, a five per cent discount on accident or accident and illness insurance coverage.

Other ways we protect you

Professional liability protection (PLP)

PLP coverage is automatically included in RNAO membership for all RNs and NPs at no additional cost. The PLP offered by RNAO is a professional liability insurance product, wherein the insurer has the duty to defend the covered claim.

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Legal Assistance Program (LAP®)

Enrolment in RNAO's Legal Assistance Program (LAP®) provides RNAO members with security and peace of mind at the low cost of $64.57 per year (in addition to your annual RNAO membership fee).

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Cyber liability protection (CLP)

RNAO CLP is all encompassing protection for RNAO members. It extends to both your professional services exposures as a practising RN or NP and as well to your personal exposures.

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Malpractice and business insurance

Are you looking for an insurance solution to your Errors & Omissions and Business needs? Look no further – RNAO has the solution in the NurseInsure Malpractice Errors & Omissions Insurance and Business Insurance Programs.

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