Legal Assistance Program (LAP®)

Legal risk is an inevitable part of nursing practice.

Ask yourself: Who will protect you, your professional reputation and your registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) if a complaint is made against you?

Will you need legal advice if you lose your job? Lawyers' fees can range from $250 to $500 per hour or more for legal advice and representation. Enrollment in RNAO's LAP provides RNAO members with security and peace of mind at the incredibly low cost of $64.57 per year (in addition to your annual RNAO membership fee).

LAP was established by RNAO in 1986 to assist RNAO members with certain legal problems, on a case-by-case basis, related to the professional practice of nursing (as recognized by CNO). LAP provides financial support for access to legal counsel in a number of circumstances, including:

  • College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) investigations and proceedings in relation to a members' professional practice as a result of a letter of complaint, report/self-report or other investigation
  • Members required to appear as a witness in a legal proceeding or involvement in a Coroner's Inquest, in relation to an incident(s) which occurred in the course of nursing practice
  • Employment contract review prior to accepting a non-unionized, administrative or managerial nursing position
  • Other individual employment-related matters, such as: termination, WSIB claims and Human Rights claims

In addition to access to legal counsel, LAP also provides participants with employment relations advice, free information materials, educational presentations on legal issues relevant to nursing practice, as well as referral to RNAO and external resources which may be of assistance to members in their particular circumstances.

To join LAP now, contact RNAO at 416-599-1925 or toll-free 1-800-268-7199 and ask to speak with a membership and services staff member.

If you would like more information about LAP or if you are already a LAP member and have legal concerns related to your nursing practice, please contact Mara Haase, LAP  Administrator, at 416-599-1457 or toll free at 1-800-268-7199 x223.

To be eligible for assistance from LAP, a member must have been enrolled in LAP at the time of the incident(s) giving rise to the need for assistance and remain a participant in LAP continuously and without interruption from that time, up until their case is resolved. LAP is under no obligation to reimburse LAP members for legal expenses incurred where a lawyer has been engaged or retained prior to contacting the LAP Administrator. In addition, requests for assistance will only be considered for assistance which is not covered by a union or other provider or plan. See "LAP - Legal Assistance Program Policies" below or contact the LAP Administrator for more information.

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