Cyber Liability Protection (CLP)

How to protect yourself from cyber attacks, privacy breaches and more

Technology and the digital age have simplified everything from how we work, do our banking and shop.

But the things you can now do at the click of a button increase personal risk and your exposure to cyber attacks.

The accidental release of personal and confidential information can be a nightmare.

Hackers are getting more sophisticated.

How can you protect yourself from these exposures?

RNAO wants to give you peace of mind by offering you a new form of protection.

RNAO is pleased to launch its Cyber Liability Protection (CLP) exclusively for members.

Key coverages of the Cyber Liability Protection (CLP) are as follows:

Subject to the terms of coverage and policy aggregate limit, the program provides the following key benefits:

  • Third Party Protection
    • $25,000 Limit Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Liability
      • Provides protection for allegations of negligence due to a privacy and/or network security breach caused by an RNAO member.
  • First Party Protection:
    • $25,000 Limit Cyber Extortion
      • Provides reimbursement to an RNAO member (with the insurer’s prior written consent) on monies paid to terminate or end a security or privacy threat.
    • $25,000 Limit Regulation Defence
      • Provides regulatory liability expense (i.e. payment of fines, penalties, or compensatory damages) and regulatory defense expenses (legal fees incurred with insurer’s prior written consent) in the event of a regulatory proceeding brought against an RNAO member by a regulatory authority alleging negligence due to a privacy and/or network security breach caused by an RNAO member.
    • $25,000 Limit Notification Expenses
      • Provides reimbursement to an RNAO member on notification expenses such as legal, postage, and advertising when the insurer deems that payment of such expenses will mitigate a claim, or when incurred to comply with a legal or regulatory requirement to notify an individual as a direct result of a privacy breach.
    • $25,000 Limit Privacy Assistance Expenses
      • Provides reimbursement to an RNAO member on costs incurred in assisting an individual (including by providing credit file monitoring services and/or identity theft assistance) following a privacy breach.
    • $25,000 Limit Crisis Management Expenses
      • Provides reimbursement to an RNAO member on costs incurred to protect or re-establish its reputation or public image to the extent that it is likely to be damaged, or has been damaged, as a direct result of a privacy and/or network security breach.

Key highlights:

  • Eligibility of Coverage: To be eligible for coverage, an RN or NP must be an RNAO member in good standing at the time the privacy and/or network security breach took place, or at the time the extortion demand was made
  • RNAO CLP is all encompassing protection for RNAO members -  it extends to both your professional services exposures as a practising RN or NP and as well to your personal exposures (i.e. a ransomware attack on your home personal computer)
  • RNAO CLP provides each RNAO member with an annual aggregate limit of $25,000 per policy period, regardless if an insured loss triggers coverage under one section or more than onesection
  • Where applicable, coverage is for both legal costs and damages
  • RNAO CLP will provide protection on covered losses, which have occurred as of November 1, 2016
  • A deductible of $1,000 will apply per covered loss
  • Territory is Canada

Who is eligible for this CLP?

Registered nurses or nurse practitioners who are members of RNAO are automatically covered.
Not a member?  Join RNAO now.

Who is providing the insurance coverage?

RNAO partners with Continental Casualty Company, the current PLP provider, to offer this value-added benefit to RNAO members.

Continental Casualty Company is:

  • A leading provider of professional liability insurance in Canada since 1918.
  • Dedicated health-care professional liability claims team with more than 50 years of combined experience defending medical professionals, including nurses and nurse practitioners.
  • Financially rated as ‘A+’ Excellent by A.M. Best Co., the leading authority on the financial well being of insurance companies.

Please note that the information outlined above is only a summary, and does not include all terms, conditions, or exclusions of the coverage described in the policy.

Important: Reporting requirement
If you have been contacted on any legal matter or if you are aware of a circumstance that may lead to a claim, you are required to contact Magnes as soon as possible or coverage may be denied by insurer.

Contact information:
For any coverage or claims related inquiries about the RNAO Cyber Liability Protection (CLP), please contact one of these individuals at The Magnes Group Inc.:

Diana Cromwell
905-845-9793 / 1-800-650-3435 ext. 324

Roberta Tasson
1-800-650-3435 ext. 349