How do we make this happen?

The changes we propose are needed throughout the health system. But they can’t happen unless we some key things are in place first:

Investing in social and environmental determinants of health

Keeping people healthy requires an investment by our government. Being able to earn a living wage, having access to affordable housing, adequate social assistance, and an environment that is clean and free of toxics are essential for people’s health and well-being.

Read more in our backgrounders on investing in social determinants of health and environmental determinants of health.

Strengthening our publicly funded, not-for-profit health system

Some people spread fear about our health system. They say it can’t be sustained. And that privatization is the only way people can get the care they need. RNAO knows this isn’t true because the research shows not-for-profit health services deliver more, better and faster care. It also costs less. We also need to expand Medicare to include pharmacare and home care.

Read more in our backgrounder on strengthening our publicly funded, not-for-profit health system.

Promoting evidence-based practice

For years, nurses have been on the leading edge of excellence in patient care. RNAO has developed over 40 clinical and 10 healthy work environment practice guidelines that are used all over the world. These guidelines focus on disease prevention and cure. Widespread adoption of these guidelines will benefit Ontarians and will help to make our health system more responsive, efficient and cost effective.

Read more in our backgrounder on promoting evidence-based practice.

Ensuring we have an adequate number of RNs

Ontario has the second-worst RN-to-population ratio in the country. We need 17,600 additional RNs just to catch up with the national average. The provincial government has the power to reverse this trend. That’s why our vision includes a concerted focus by government and employers to retain and hire additional RNs and NPs and to offer wage parity to begin closing the gap.

Read more in our backgrounder on ensuring we have an adequate number of RNs.

Making sure all RNs practise to their full and expanded scope

RNs are an essential part of the health system and there is clear evidence linking the care they provide with higher quality health outcomes, fewer complications, and lower rates of death. They could do even more if the barriers that prevent them from realizing their true potential were lifted and their roles were expanded. This would lead to faster and better care. That’s why we are urging the government to expand the scope of practice of RNs so more people can benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Read more in our backgrounder on making sure all RNs practise to their full and expanded scope.

Fostering interprofessional person-centred teamwork

Health professionals don’t work in isolation. We believe the best health system is one where all health providers work together. This is how we envision timely, high-quality, person-centred care.

Read more in our backgrounder on fostering interprofessional person-centred teamwork.

Want more details?

Review the complete list of RNAO Vision Backgrounder documents.