AGM 2023 - Watch it again

AGM Opening Ceremonies


Change through Unity and Action

This year's Opening Ceremonies includes:

  • greetings from Ontario's political leaders
  • greetings from our nursing colleagues
  • celebrating our Best Practice Spotlight Organizations (BPSO®)
  • closing remarks

Watch AGM greetings from Ken Dion, Sigma president.
Hon. Paul Calandra, Ontario's minister of long-term care shares a video greeting on 98th #RNAOAGM.

    98th AGM

    Day 2 - FRIDAY, JUNE 23 (morning)

    The morning events include: 

    • Opening remarks
    • Chief executive officer report
    • Provincial and standing committee reports
    • Results of One member, one vote
    • Members’ Voices
    • Consultation session – 2023 proposed resolutions
    Hon. Premier Doug Ford shares a video greeting on 98th #RNAOAGM.

      98th AGM

      Day 2 - FRIDAY, JUNE 23 (afternoon)

      The afternoon events include: 

      • introduction of 2023-2025 board of directors
      • president’s report
      • closing remarks ​​​​

        Closing Keynote: RNAO Health Equity In Focus consortium

        Day 3 - SATURDAY JUNE 24

        RNAO’s Health Equity In Focus consortium will lead the closing keynote panel at this year’s Annual General Meeting. The consortium brings together RNAO’s health equity interest groups and staff to drive deep and sustained change. It provides a supportive environment for the chairs and executives of the Black Nurses Task Force, Black Nurses Leading Change, Indigenous Nurses and Allies and the Rainbow Nursing Interest Group to reflect on and address inequities in the nursing profession and health system.

        Panel members will discuss lived experiences with discrimination, with a focus on the structural and policy changes needed to dismantle systemic racism and other forms of discrimination in the nursing profession. They will also address how to create safe spaces for people who access health care.