Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

A Phenomenal Journey

A Phenomenal Journey:
The Dissemination and Uptake of the Nursing Best Practice Guidelines Across Canada - Final Report

Executive Summary
In late November 2003, the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) proposed to broaden its dissemination and uptake of the nursing best practice guidelines (NBPG) to all provinces and territories in Canada. Since 1999, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has awarded multi-year annual funding to RNAO to develop, pilot implement, evaluate and disseminate BPG across the province. This initiative is considered a high priority initiative of the government and is closely monitored by the Joint Provincial Nursing Committee. MOHLTC has provided assurance for continual annual funding of this program.
The RNAO proposal to Health Canada was comprised of three major initiatives that would benefit all Canadian residents and be a catalyst for implementation of BPGs in the provinces and territories. The three initiatives were:

Best Practice Workshops: Shaping the Future of Nursing in Canada
French translation of BPGs, Health Education Fact Sheets (HEFS) and Toolkit for implementation of clinical practice guidelines
Partnerships with two Best Practice Spotlight Organizations outside of Ontario.
All three initiatives have been completed successfully and within budget. Final completion of several elements were carried over for completion until May 2004.

The RNAO concluded, from the experience of the three initiatives, that there is great readiness across the country for a concerted effort in providing supports for day-to-day clinical practice issues. That is, for too long in recent history, the attention to clinical matters has been superceded by financial and structural concerns and the result has been erosion to good basic care. These situations have led to a lack of continual attention on clinical best practices. This is not to say that organizational and system issues are not important. On the contrary, these are important and must be addressed; but not to the exclusion of clinical attention. RNAO strongly urges governments at all levels to invest generously in implementing evidence-based clinical practice through the active implementation of the NBPGs

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