Apply to become an expert panel member

What is an expert panel? 

When developing a new best practice guideline (BPG) or revising an existing one, RNAO convenes an expert panel. The panel, led by two co-chairs, supports RNAO’s BPG team by contributing valuable expertise to guideline development work. For example, persons with lived experience provide crucial insight into what matters most for persons impacted by the guideline recommendations that will be formulated.

Who can be on an expert panel?

RNAO seeks broad and interprofessional representation on its expert panels to ensure diverse knowledge and backgrounds relevant to the BPG topic. This includes: 

  • nurses and other health professionals who work in clinical care 
  • persons with lived experience, including individuals with first-hand experience of the BPG topic, lay caregivers and lay advocates 
  • nursing educators and administrators
  • health and policy researchers 

What is involved? 

The responsibilities of the expert panel member include:

  • reviewing orientation video recordings and attending a virtual two-hour orientation meeting
  • attending:
    • two half-day virtual BPG planning meetings
    • three to four virtual follow-up meetings (approx. one to two hours each meeting)
    • two half-day virtual recommendation build meetings
  • participating in the development of the purpose, scope and recommendation questions
  • reading preparatory materials sent by RNAO’s BPG team 
  • participating in a consensus development process to finalize recommendations through an anonymous voting process
  • reviewing and providing feedback on documents and tools throughout the development process, including:
    • BPG drafts 
    • implementation tools such as fact sheets
    • performance indicators to support guideline evaluation
  • identifying and establishing connections to stakeholders who will review the draft BPG before publication
  • promoting awareness of the published BPG

*Please note: participation as a panel member is voluntary and no compensation will be provided. 

Expert panel members will be asked to uphold respect for diversity and acknowledge the different perspectives of each expert panel member. RNAO aims to create a safe space where expert panel members can share candidly and openly during the guideline development process. Discussions during meetings are to remain confidential.

The expert panel will carry out this work over a period of approximately 18 months.

What type of experience are you looking for on the expert panel? 

Persons with lived experience should have:

  • significant and recent experience regarding the BPG topic
  • a strong comfort level in speaking about their experience constructively
  • the ability to respectfully listen to different perspectives with an open mind
  • demonstrated experience working in collaborative settings

Health providers/researchers/educators/administrators/policy-makers should have:

  • an in-depth understanding of the BPG topic
  • A demonstrated ability to communicate complex issues to different audiences
  • the ability to respectfully listen to different perspectives with an open mind
  • appreciate and understand evidence-based practice
  • demonstrated experience working in collaborative settings

How do I apply? 

Please complete the form here (currently we are only recruiting for the new Addressing Anti-Black Racism BPG) if you would like to be considered for the role of expert panel member in this guideline development process. You will receive confirmation immediately after submitting your application. 

We may contact selected applicants by email for a follow-up telephone or virtual interview, as needed. Final appointment to the expert panel is pending a completed conflict of interest form.