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eLearn Course

RNAO's New Best Practice Champions eLearn Course

RNAO has developed a comprehensive, interactive Champions eLearn course that offers participants the option to complete the Champions training at their own pace. This eLearn also supports increased accessibility through technology, both nationally and internationally. This eLearn is available at no cost to any user.


The eLearn is founded on adult learning principles and uses interactive components on a an innovative web-based platform as a mechanism to support:

  1. knowledge and skill development, related to evidence-based practice and guideline implementation; and
  2. the expansion, reach and dissemination of RNAO's Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) and implementation resources.

Objectives of the RNAO Champions eLearn Course

  1. learn about BPGs and how they benefit health care and health-care systems
  2. become familiar with strategies and approaches for leading change from the Leading Change Toolkit™
  3. identify opportunities for change, facilitators and barriers to guideline implementation
  4. discover the important role a Best Practice Champion plays in implementing, evaluating and sustaining practice changes
  5. learn how the Best Practices Champions Network® connects champions and enhances 

Components of the Champions eLearn Course

The RNAO eLearn course depicts a scenario that follows Nadia, a registered nurse, through the implementation of a best practice guideline in her workplace. The strategies, approaches and resources needed to lead change are from the two complementary frameworks in the Leading Change Toolkit™.

 The learning modules include:

  1. Introduction to Best Practice Champions eLearn
  2. Identify the problem, review & select knowledge
  3. Adapt recommendations to context
  4. Assess facilitators & barriers
  5. Develop an implementation strategy
  6. Monitor BPG use & evaluate outcomes
  7. Sustain knowledge use

Upon completion of the seven modules, participants will become a member of the RNAO Best Practice Champions Network.

To access the RNAO Best Practice Champions eLearn course, please visit

Funded by the Government of Ontario, all activities associated with the Best Practice Champions Network® are offered free of charge.