Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Types of Fellowship

Clinical Fellowship
A Clinical Fellowship focuses on the direct development of clinical skills, knowledge and expertise of the nurse fellow. The identified “client” of a Clinical Fellowship is often the patient population of the Sponsor Organization.

Leadership Fellowship
A Leadership Fellowship focuses on the development of leadership skills, knowledge and expertise in the specific areas of education, management, research and policy. The identified “client” of a Leadership Fellowship is often other nurses or health care providers at the Sponsor Organization. Leadership fellowships usually require two steps to make an impact on patient care. The first step is between the Fellow and the identified “client” of the fellowship (other nurses or health care providers). This can happen through the development of an education program, or a new policy program, for example. The second step is between that same identified “client” (other nurses or health care providers) and the actual patient population of the Sponsor Organization.

Best Practice Guideline Implementation/Knowledge Transfer Fellowship
A BPG Implementation/Knowledge Transfer Fellowship focuses on the development of skills and expertise in activities related to the Implementation of RNAO's Best Practice Guidelines, knowledge transfer and uptake, and increasing capacity in the nursing profession for evidence-based practice. These fellowships will need to go the extra step of changing the practice of the fellow, as well as changing other people’s practice. Fellows will often acquire both clinical and leadership skills through these fellowships. Sponsor Organizations need to commit to a longer term than the 450-hr. fellowship and identify/describe how the best practice guideline implementation will take place, with the ACPF as one component of a larger, organizational picture. Larger organizations will be eligible to apply for two fellowships to be undertaken concurrently to achieve this goal.

AMS/RNAO Fellowships
AMS/RNAO Fellowships provides fellows with an opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, and expertise in providing humane, compassionate, and person-centred care. Fellowships within this stream are required to focus their learning on one of the core themes:

  1. Self-identity: the development of health professionals’ self-identity that will sustain compassionate care, through educational effort to support health professionals to instil their clinical care with altruism, integrity, trust, honesty, and societal responsibility and to attend reflectively to their won emotional needs and growth.
  2. Education: The development of educational activities and curriculum materials that enable compassionate care by instilling in health professionals a range of necessary knowledge, skills and values.
  3. Work environments: The development of environments that support compassionate care by creating healthy work environments and championing educational, clinical and inter-professional behaviours that promote respectful, collaborative and person-centred care.

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