Using Best Practice Guidelines to Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Feb 24, 2022, 1:00pm - 1:45pm
About this Event:

This webinar is designed for all health-care professionals to hear our story of how our team has developed, supported and implemented a diversity, equity and inclusion plan. By creating this plan, we truly aspire to improve our team members and client experience.

This webinar helped participants focus on the issue of diversity, equity and inclusion and offer some insight into the ways in which changes can be made to policy, programs, client experience and organizational culture.
We shared our journey of reviewing recommendations, assessing needs and engaging stakeholders in developing an informed and relevant plan. We also shared our successes, challenges and provide participants with examples of how we embedded best practice guidelines into our daily approach with employees and clients. 

Participants left with a framework to consider for their own journey with diversity, equity and inclusion. This included methods in obtaining feedback from stakeholders, engaging your team through updates and initiatives and evaluating the impact of your efforts. Participants also had an opportunity to engage in group discussions providing insight needed to support the successful implementation of a diversity, equity and inclusion plan.

During this presentation, participants learned how they can:

  • design an informed and relevant plan 
  • manage the plan; engagement, successes, challenges and impact  
  • identify next steps in diversity, equity and inclusion needs of their organization


  • Anjana Moitra-Ohri, CPHR – National Director, Organizational Development, CBI Home Health
  • Kathy Mazza, RN, BScN – Manager, Clinical Excellence, Personal Support Services, BPSO Lead, CBI Home Health