RNAO Board of Directors Student Placement

The RNAO Board of Directors (BOD) Student Placement takes place three times per year – in the winter, spring and fall. The goal of the placement is to expose nursing students to RNAO’s operations, initiatives and strategic direction; and critical issues that impact nursing, health and health care.

Each placement offers students the opportunity to participate in a general RNAO orientation, an RNAO Board of Directors meeting, and other RNAO-related events.

RNAO orientation provides a forum for students to meet with RNAO staff from various departments. There is plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

Other RNAO-related events include the RNAO Assembly, Annual General Meeting, Annual Queen's Park Day, Interest Group Chairs Meeting and Chapter Presidents Meeting. Events differ depending on the time of year.

You must be an RNAO undergraduate nursing student associate or RNAO regular member in good standing in order to attend the Board of Directors Student Placement. Students not already RNAO associates or regular members may apply for membership concurrently.

The next BOD Student Placement takes place from Wednesday, February 20 to Saturday, February 23, 2019, and includes the following:

Wednesday, April 10 - RNAO Orientation and Board of Director's Meeting

Thursday, April 11 - Board of Director's Meeting and meet with the President

Friday, April 12 - RNAO Annual General Meeting

Saturday, April 13 - NSO Meeting and closing keynote address

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Questions? Carrie Edwards, Senior Project Coordinator – Membership & Services, RNAO. or 1.800.268.7199 x222

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