Graduate Student Practicum Opportunity Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario Fall 2024

Student Placement 2024

The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) is the professional association that represents registered nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing students in Ontario, by speaking out for nursing and speaking out for health. RNAO’s mission is to advance healthy public policy and promote the full participation of registered nurses in improving health and in shaping and delivering health services now and in the future.

RNAO considers health a resource for everyday living and health care a universal human right. RNAO cultivates knowledgebased nursing practices, promotes quality of work life, and promises excellence in professional development services. Respecting human dignity, RNAO is a community committed to diversity, equity, inclusivity, democracy and voluntarism. RNAO makes leadership its mandate, working with nurses, the public, health-care providers and governments to advance individual and collective health.

A signature program of RNAO is the International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines (IABPG) Centre, which is focused on the development, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of best practice guidelines (BPG). The program was launched in 1999 with multi-year funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Practicum Description

Practicum students will be assigned a preceptor for the duration of the placement (length of practicum: 12-16 weeks or as applicable). Students are expected to develop a learning plan based on individual learning requirements and project deliverables. Practicum students are required to be an RNAO member to be eligible for placement.

Working environment

This learning opportunity will be located in Toronto, and will involve working virtually or in-person, to be discussed between the preceptor and student. For work conducted at the RNAO office, workspace, necessary equipment, and supplies will be provided.


The student will work with the Guideline development team and be engaged in various BPG development activities for the Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Nursing Best Practice Guideline. Orientation will be provided to RNAO’s guideline development process, the GRADE methodology used to develop BPGs and RNAO’s health equity best practice guidelines.

Student learning plan may include the following tasks:

BPG development

• Conduct an environmental scan and analysis of diversity, equity, and inclusion websites, tools, appendices and resources for health providers and collate these resources to be included in the BPG

• Assist with other aspects of drafting the Addressing Anti-Black Racism BPG or the development of other BPGs (based on student learning objectives, length of placement, etc.)

External Engagement

• Support the collection and collation of written and verbal feedback from external reviewers on the BPG draft. This may involve co-facilitating discussion groups to collect feedback

• Help prepare PowerPoint presentations for the panel meetings 

To apply please send a cover letter and resume by email to Erica D’Souza ( with Student Placement in the subject line by May 24, 2024.