Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

How do I become a BPSO?

Submit a proposal.

The RNAO issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) once every three (3) years, asking that eligible health care and academic organizations submit a full proposal clearly outlining the following:

  1. Scope of work: Provide an overview that shows the organization's understanding of the purpose and objectives of the project, as well as how their approach reflects the four objectives of this initiative. State which guidelines the organization intends to implement and evaluate. the scope of the project (at the unit and/or organizational level), the number of units and staff involved should be described, along with the process by which the guidelines were identified should be included. Time-frames are also to be included.
  2. Organizational Support: Demonstrate the extent of organizational support at all levels including staff support, and support from other relevant disciplines.
  3. Previous work with RNAO guidelines: Describe which RNAO guidelines (either clinical or healthy work environment) have been implemented or are currently being implemented within the organization. Discuss what areas (units, teams, programs) of the organization are currently involved in implementation, strategies used, existing infrastructure, resource allocation, challenges and barriers faced, and how these are being addressed.
  4. Project Team's knowledge, skill and experience: provide an overview of the structure of the proposed project team and how the project will be organized.
  5. Past relevant experience: provide evidence of involvement in other projects that the applicant organizations have been involved in that would be comparable to the scope of this initiative.
  6. Capacity to deliver on project requirements: provide evidence on internal resources and capacity to meet project requirements (e.g., clinical and program management expertise, access to equipment, buy-in from key stakeholders, information technology support, etc.)
  7. Financial contribution: Provide a detailed budget for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of the partnership. Demonstrate matching funds from applicant organization.

Are you ready to become a BPSO - Questions to consider?

  1. Have you already implemented or are currently implementing one or more of RNAO's best practice guidelines?
  2. How many nurses are members of or participate in the RNAO Best Practice Champions Network?
  3. How familiar is senior management with the RNAO's best practice guidelines program?
  4. Do you have the capacity to engage in research? (NOTE: an organization's readiness to participate in best practice guideline related research studies is determined by its ability to prepare and submit proposals for funding; to support implementation and evaluation of nursing best practice guidelines with advances prepared nurses - Masters prepared preferred - etc.)
Downloadable Files:
BPSO Fact Sheet and Steps to Becoming a BPSO679.15 KB