President’s Award in Clinical Nursing Practice: Shanna Anness

Shanna Anness
Shanna Anness
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Care Group

Shanna Anness knew at a very young age that she wanted to make a difference. During her time at Lakehead University, it became apparent that she wanted to devote her life to bettering others’ health through nursing. Shanna currently works for the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Care Group in Thunder Bay. She recently accepted a position as the occupational health coordinator at St. Joseph’s Care Group. “Leadership is important at all levels, and both formal and informal leaders can have a great impact, especially when working together,” she says. Shanna encourages her peers to pursue professional development opportunities and pushes for leadership at the point-of-care. Shanna completed a Master of Science in Nursing, focusing her thesis on the culture of safety in hemodialysis. She hopes to pursue a doctorate focusing on organizational leadership and mentoring.  

The President's Award for Leadership in Clinical Nursing Practice is awarded to the RN or NP who consistently demonstrates expertise and evidence-informed practice in one or more areas of clinical practice in a staff nurse position. This member enhances the role of nursing by demonstrating leadership in her/his workplace and influencing change for the betterment of patients, families and/or communities. The winners of this award (we have two this year) each receive a $2,000 scholarship, or the equivalent in funding, towards attending a Canadian Nurses Association or International Council of Nurses conference. Funding for this award is generously sponsored by RNAO's group home and auto insurance provider, HUB International Ontario Limited.