The Nursing Research Interest Group (NRIG) became an RNAO interest group in 1986. Its mission is to promote the understanding, completion and uptake of nursing research through collaboration, funding, education, networking and lobbying to improve the health of individuals and families in Ontario. The NRIG executive board, led by Dr. Charlene Chu as chair, is thankful to receive this prestigious award. NRIG has worked hard to highlight research that demonstrates the important role nurses play in the community. It has provided ample content to support and draw attention to the role of nursing research. It also supports student development within NRIG. The group is incredibly proud of its annual scholarships and awards that promote researchers at all levels, from undergraduate nursing students to early career researchers and staff nurses who want to disseminate research innovations into their practice settings. We thank the NRIG community at large for continuing to engage and support the growth of this interest group. This award is incredibly meaningful and we look forward to continuing to support nursing research and offer great value-based content.

The Interest Group of the Year award is given to an RNAO interest group that best demonstrates commitment to the nursing profession and active participation in RNAO initiatives. The interest group effectively communicates through a variety of means, which influences decision-makers and mobilizes RNs, NPs and nursing students for action. This interest group exhibits exemplary teamwork and strong leadership within the nursing and health-care community.