HUB Fellowship: Sue Faber

Sue Faber
Sue Faber

Sue Faber has become a champion for those living with Lyme disease after finally receiving her diagnosis 15 years after she first noticed her symptoms in 2000. Her children were also diagnosed with the disease shortly after she was diagnosed. Finding that there wasn't much information or research available about Lyme disease, Faber and a partner decided to launch LymeHope in 2017. The national, not-for-profit organization is dedicated to education, patient-centred research and advocacy around Lyme disease. Faber found an ally in RNAO after meeting with CEO Doris Grinspun in June 2017 to discuss her experience. The two connected shortly after the 2017 AGM. Grinspun encouraged Faber to bring forward a resolution for discussion with colleagues at the 2018 AGM. With support from her local Halton Chapter, Faber presented her resolution, which was unanimously carried. Faber says she is grateful for Grinspun's initial support, and is looking forward to the opportunity to learn even more from her as the recipient of this award. Receiving the HUB Fellowship is about more than just her personal journey, Faber says. "This is for [Lyme patients]. They are being heard."

The RNAO HUB Fellowship provides the opportunity to get in the thick of things with a one-week placement with RNAO CEO Doris Grinspun. The $2,000 fellowship is generously sponsored by RNAO's group home and auto insurance provider, HUB International Ontario Limited.