Dr. Teresa Moreno-Casbas
Dr. Teresa Moreno-Casbas
Health Care and Services Research Unit (Investén-isciii)

As founder in 1996 and long-standing director of the Health Care and Services Research Unit (Investén-isciii) at the Carlos III Health Institute in Spain, Dr. Teresa Moreno-Casbas has advocated for a robust academic foundation for nurses and for the continuous development of care research as a cornerstone for quality health care. Under Teresa’s leadership, Investén-isciii has strategically sought to improve research in nursing and health-care in Spain. For the past 10 years, Investén-isciii has led the Best Practice Spotlight Organization® Host in Spain, achieving exceptional national spread and optimizing patient and health system outcomes. Through national and international ties to academia and health service organizations, Teresa advances evidence-based nursing care, acting as a reviewer of national and international research proposals and several international nursing scientific journals. Teresa also leads a thematic network on healthy aging and frailty, and has also directed several projects funded at the national and European levels. 

The Honoured Friend of Nursing Award is awarded to individual(s) who have made outstanding contributions to the nursing profession. The individual will have shown outstanding leadership and collaboration within the nursing community at a provincial level.