Josalyn Radcliffe
Josalyn Radcliffe
University of Waterloo

Josalyn Radcliffe became a nurse after previous work as an adult educator helping people retrain after workplace injuries. After initially nursing in pediatric mental health, Josalyn worked for six years as a public health nurse for the Waterloo region. Today, she is a full-time PhD candidate in public health at the University of Waterloo – her research is focused on addressing the intersecting ecological crises that threaten health at all levels and exploring integrative approaches to supporting climate justice, food systems, biodiversity and wellbeing. She currently co-chairs the Ontario Nurses for the Environment Interest Group, where she advocates for healthy and sustainable policy and practice.

The Award of Merit goes to an RN or NP who has made outstanding contributions to RNAO and the nursing profession in Ontario. This resourceful individual is a change-maker, advocating for, promoting and initiating changes to improve healthy public policy through RNAO initiatives. This person serves as a resource and mentor contributing to and enhancing the role of the RN/NP in Ontario.