The Power of Strong Clinical Placements in Long-Term Care

May 16, 2022

Leaders of long-term care (LTC) homes, clinical instructors, preceptors and nursing students joined RNAO on May 16, 2022 to a conversation about how LTC homes and academic institutions can ignite the passion for nursing student placements in LTC.

The objectives of this webinar are to:

  1. Ignite passion for nursing student placements in LTC during their program.
  2. Inspire LTC homes to successfully prepare preceptors and students for clinical placement.
  3. Design nursing placements as a recruitment and retention strategy.
  4. Showcase the RNAO student and preceptor resources.
  5. Discuss how the LTC best practice coordinators can support the learning journey. 


  • Christina Pullano, RN, BScN, MN (Candidate), nursing policy analyst, RNAO, shares her perspective as a student.
  • Amy Kelly, RN, BScN, placement coordinator, Trent University, provides an academic outlook.
  • Alanna McDevitt, RN, BScN, assistant director of care, Spencer House, provides her view as a current preceptor.
Christina Pullano
Amy Kelly
Alanna McDevitt
Trent University
Spencer House