RNAO’s Nursing Career Pathways: Your Feedback, Your Voice!

December 12, 2022

During the December 2022 webinar, we focused on the nursing health human resource crisis (HHR) by seeking inputs from health professionals (PSWs, RPNs, RNs and NPs) on nursing career pathways in Ontario.

In this webinar, we:

  • provide a detailed snapshot of the existing nursing student population and workforce in Ontario
  • outline the potential education and practice pathways – and the interplay between the two
  • identify existing constraints to and opportunities for building nursing careers in Ontario

During this webinar, our CEO Dr. Doris Grinspun and our policy team explained RNAO's Nursing Career Pathways model, how we intend to use it and invited feedback from the participants on the following:

  • Is the model clear?
  • Do you see your own place and/or pathway within the model?
  • Does the model serve to guide: a) nurse retention, b) recruitment, and c) building a career in the nursing profession?
  • What are the opportunities for and constraints to building nursing careers in Ontario?

Watch this video to hear about RNAO’s full set of policy initiatives to address the health human resource (HHR) crisis and identify ways you can get involved.

Doris Grinspun
Matthew Kellway
Christina Pullano
Susan McNeill