Nursing Leadership in Long-Term Care Homes

October 25, 2021

This Champions Information Sharing Webinar is designed for health-care professionals and nursing students who want to gain knowledge and skills about developing and sustaining nursing leadership. 

This webinar highlighted the strategies and tools used to develop nursing leadership in our long-term care homes. It provided participants with the knowledge and skills needed to sustain nursing leadership at their workplaces and how to successfully implement best practice guidelines (BPGs).

During this presentation, participants learned how to:

  • sustain nursing leadership in long-term care
  • utilize tools such as SBAR and PSW reporting check lists to help foster nursing leadership 
  • utilize evidenced-based practice to promote resident care 
  • build capacity and empowerment through Champions
  • promote collaborative practice
  • build resilience at the workplace


  • knowledge exchange between the presenters and participants in regards to developing and sustaining nursing leadership and collaborative practice


  • InderPreet Hundal, Professional Practice lead, Regional Municipality of Halton
  • Sisham Subedi, Senior Nursing Manager, Post Inn Village, Oakville