Developing and Implementing a Preceptor Education Program

January 30, 2019

This presentation gives an overview of the development and implementation of a Preceptor Education Program at St. Joseph's Care Group in Thunder Bay. 

The program includes in-person training sessions as well as a Preceptor Toolkit and various resources to ensure positive experiences for preceptors and learners.

This webinar will highlight how champions were engaged throughout this process and how their continued engagement will ensure the sustainability of this program.

During this presentation, participants will learn strategies for:

  • creating a manageable project scope
  • engaging champions and stakeholders
  • planning for sustainability
  • using a BPG to promote professional growth and leadership

Shelley McAllister, RN
Director of Collaborative Practice and Chief Nursing Executive, St. Joseph's Care Group

Stacey Freemantle, RN
Nursing Professional Practice and Best Practice Spotlight Organization Lead, St. Joseph's Care Group

St. Joseph’s Care Group
Shelley McAllister
Stacey Freemantle