Action Alert: Repeal Bill 124, premier!

Our health system is in a full-blown crisis owing to a desperate shortage of nurses – particularly, registered nurses. Over the past two-and-a-half years – and counting – nurses across Ontario have selflessly cared for the people of Ontario while risking their own health and safety and that of their loved ones. Ontario’s nurses are experiencing depression, anxiety and stress as never before. Seventy-five per cent of nurses are burnt out. They are leaving their jobs. Many have gone to work in other jurisdictions, while some have left the profession altogether. 

Join us and call on the premier to immediately #RepealBill124. 

From the onset of the pandemic, front-line nurses have spoken loudly and clearly about the profound unfairness of Bill 124 and the detrimental impact the bill has had on their work and lives. Bill 124 caps salary increases at one per cent, at a time when inflation and interest rates are at historic highs. This symbolizes what is wrong with Ontario’s approach to the nursing profession. It has compelled many RNs to leave for better opportunities elsewhere. Our government must immediately listen and must repeal Bill 124.

Since December 2020, RNAO has raised the alarm of an impending nursing crisis that will compromise patient safety and the functioning of our health system. We are now fully in that crisis. Emergency rooms are closing and even some ICUs are now at risk of having to close. Surgeries and procedures are being cancelled and patient safety is at risk daily. We are calling – with extreme urgency – for measures that support building nursing careers in Ontario. The repeal of Bill 124 is the first step needed to rebuild our profession and secure safe care and better health outcomes for Ontarians.

Join us! Call on the premier to immediately #RepealBill124. 

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Hon. Doug Ford
Premier of Ontario
Hon. Sylvia Jones
Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, MPP
Hon. Paul Calandra
Minister of Long-Term Care, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, MPP
Hon. Peter Bethlenfalvy
Minister of Finance, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, MPP
Hon. Monte McNaughton
Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, MPP
Peter Tabuns
NDP interim leader of the official opposition, MPP
France Gélinas
NDP health critic, MPP
Catherine Fife
NDP finance and treasury board critic, MPP
John Fraser
interim leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, MPP
Mike Schreiner
leader of the Green Party of Ontario
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