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Community Health Nurses' Initiatives Group (CHNIG)

Community Health Nurses' Initiatives Group (CHNIG)

Community Health Nurses' Initiatives Group (CHNIG)
Cost of interest group: $45; $10 for undergraduate nursing students
Includes HST, CHNIG HST Registration # 827763707RT0001

CHNIG’s mission is to act as the voice of community health nurses. The key role of CHNIG is to help influence the health-care system and health and social policy in areas that affect the work of community health nurses and the public they serve.

CHNIG provides members with opportunities for: knowledge exchange through professional development including relevant webinars and newsletters; networking with other community health nurses, and involvement on professional practice committees; bursaries and awards for education, research, excellence in practice, and participation in annual general meetings (AGM); advocacy on issues important to community health nurses; and, participation in forums to influence health policy.

CHNIG members are eligible for Registered Nurses' Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO) education bursaries and CHNIG awards. CHNIG is a constituent member of the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA). CHNIG executive meetings are held three times per year and are open to all members.

As a member of this RNAO interest group you are entitled to:

  • the CHNIG newsletter
  • community nursing input into decision making
  • access to the CHNIG website
  • representation at RNAO assembly meetings
  • forum to influence health policy
  • opportunity to apply for educational bursaries and research grants

Reasons to join CHNIG:

  • Knowledge exchange in the form of professional development, including health promotion seminars series webinars.
  • Network with other community health nurses.
  • Financial assistance Including scholarships and awards to recognize your contributions and to aid your education or research. Bursaries are also available to support your attendance at the National Community Health Nursing Conference and the RNAO/CHNIG AGMs.
  • Advocacy on issues you believe are important to community health nursing.
  • Influence best practice development in particular changes related to primary care, public health, home health and education.


  • Influence health and social policy, taking into consideration the social determinants of health.
  • Build capacity in community health nurses.
  • Strengthen the profile of CHNs and articulate the significance of their practice.
  • Promote, engage and maximize membership in CHNIG.
  • Promote, engage and maximize student involvement in community health nursing and CHNIG.


Our electronic newsletter is published three times a year and sent to all members. The newsletter acts as a forum for sharing information about community health nursing.

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Contact: Joanne Crawford, CHNIG president