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May 3, 2023

Recap of NP Institute 2023: Illuminating NP Practice Excellence

NP Institute

This year’s NP Institute, held virtually on April 27, was a vibrant all-day event filled with engaging presentations, important discussions and inspiring calls to actions to expand the NP role in Ontario. Co-chaired by RNAO CEO Dr. Doris Grinspun and NP Interest Group (NPIG) chair Shannon Clausen, the event highlighted NP’s clinical contributions across all settings and sectors, and inspired ways for NPs to illuminate their clinical roles to improve health and system outcomes.

The event opened with affirming words from Ontario's minister of long-term care Paul Calandra and deputy minister of health Dr. Catherine Zahn. Both speakers addressed the current focus on growing the role of NPs in primary and long-term care, and as partners in health system transformation.

The clinical sessions were delivered by expert NPs and included a spotlight on transgender and gender-diverse individuals, care for unsheltered persons, diversity and dermatological conditions, and care for newcomers to Canada. NP research was championed through research presentations that reflected local and global research, as well as NPs’ quality improvement contributions. In addition, the NP-led clinic (NPLC) roundtable session offered clear guidance to NPs related to enhancing their role in primary care and maximizing NPLCs in Ontario. NPs also had an opportunity to refuel with a timely session on vicarious trauma- harnessing resilience that reinforced the importance of self-care, and personal and professional development.

Thank you to all of the guest speakers for sharing knowledge and unique perspectives, and to the close approximately 200 participants for engaging in lively conversations that will help to advance the profession and health system at large. If you missed it, read the Twitter thread for key highlights.

RNAO’s NP members are encouraged to join NPIG to engage with their colleagues and support actions to strengthen the NP role in Ontario.