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Oct. 27, 2022

Members’ tweet – October 2022

members' tweets

Twitter is an important tool for RNAO members to use to mobilize change where it’s needed most in the health system and nursing profession.

This past month, RNAO members shared the following tweets:

  • Kathy Moreland spreads the word about RNAO’s #DecriminalizeNow campaign.
  • Connie Wood encourages nurses to join RNAO.
  • RNAO’s board representative for region 11 Maxine Lesage responds to RNAO meeting with members of the provincial government about the nursing crisis.
  • RNAO’s board representative for region 9 Debra Lefebvre shares that RNAO warned about the nursing shortage more than a decade ago.
  • Sarah Gallie on beginning an Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship
  • RNAO’s interest groups’ representative Lhamo Dolkar says leadership in nursing should start at the undergraduate level.

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