RNAO celebrates journalists for tackling issues that are important to Ontarians

March 13, 2019

Journalists who investigated efforts to combat opioids and support health-care needs in remote and Indigenous communities are among those honoured by the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario's (RNAO) annual Media Awards.

Of nine winning entries, seven examined challenges in health care and efforts to overcome them, including a program to support vulnerable residents in long-term care homes and an initiative by nurses to prescribe medical marijuana. Two others featured the contributions of nurses whose efforts to care for patients with cancer and in emergency rooms are measured not in years but decades.

"Journalists play a critical role exposing shortcomings and highlighting successes in our health-care system so we can continue to improve," says RNAO president Dr. Angela Cooper Brathwaite. "Their work is a testament to the importance of a vigorous media in Ontario."

RNAO is handing out nine awards for print, radio, television and online stories. Winning journalists wrote for or produced stories for the Toronto Star, London Free Press, CTV National NewsCBC TelevisionCBC’s The Current and The World at SixCBC Kitchener-Waterloo, the Burlington Post and Queen’s Park Briefing.

"Our association values and understands the tremendous role that media plays in advancing healthy public policy, and is honoured to celebrate journalists who have made outstanding contributions this past year," says RNAO CEO Doris Grinspun. "Their work this year places a unique focus on prevention and what is needed to help Ontarians keep well or regain their health, including social determinants of health. Congratulations to this year's Media Awards winners and thank you for your incredible work."

Nominations were judged by panels of nurses and journalists. Awards will be given at the president's banquet following RNAO's 94th Annual General Meeting on Friday, April 12 in Toronto.
Here are the RNAO Media Award winners and links to their submissions:

Nick Purdon, Leonardo Palleja, Brenda Witmer
CBC Television
Television - Best in-depth feature or series

Avis Favaro, Elizabeth St. Philip and Daniel Otis
CTV National News
Television - Best news coverage

Samira Mohyeddin, Susan Mckenzie, Piya Chattopadhyay
CBC Radio One - The Current
Radio - Best in-depth feature or series

Kas Roussy, Peter Leo
CBC News- The World at Six
Radio - Best news coverage

Moira Welsh
Toronto Star
Daily Newspaper - Best in-depth feature or series

Jennifer Bieman
The London Free Press
Daily newspaper - Best news coverage

Tim Whitnell
Burlington Post
Community Newspaper - Best in-depth feature or series

Jessica Smith Cross
Queen's Park (QP) Briefing
Community Newspaper - Best news coverage

Kate Bueckert
CBC Kitchener-Waterloo
Online - Best story