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About this event:

Join us for the second installment of RNAO’s harm reduction webinars: The Art and Science of Harm Reduction and Nursing Practice.

In this webinar participants will learn how to:

  • use and integrate several therapeutic communication techniques into their nursing practice, including brief interventions, motivational interviewing, relationship building, and compassionate critical thinking
  • apply best practices in treating people who use substances by listening to their patients and using an assessment-based and symptom control approach

This webinar series is presented by RNAO’s Mental Health and Substance Use Program, in partnership with the Harm Reduction Nurses Association, Community Health Nurses’ Interest Group, Mental Health Nurses Interest Group, Moms Stop the Harm and the National Safer Supply Community of Practice.

Presenters and credentials:

  • Colin MacRae, Nurse-Therapist-Teacher
  • Erin Telegdi, RN, Hon. BA, Hon. BScN 

Harm reduction is a foundational component of nursing practice, rooted firmly in the social justice movement and has been proven effective time and time again across the health-care continuum. It involves policies, programs and practices that aim primarily to reduce the adverse health, social and economic consequences of the use of legal and illegal psychoactive drugs without necessarily reducing drug consumption.