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About this event:

The session for Dec. 15, 2022 is: The Impact of LTC NPs in the Workplace.

This NP LTC Council Webinar is a monthly discussion and education session designed for long-term care (LTC) nurses. The aims of the council are to network with other LTC NPs and to discuss practice issues and solutions. A guest speaker will also join the discussion to increase people’s knowledge.

During this presentation, participants will hear about the impact of COVID-19 on NPs throughout Canada including:

  • health outcomes (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress) and burnout
  • number of NPs who want to leave the profession over the next five years
  • retention strategies

We will also discuss the fact that LTC and retirement care NPs continue to work despite high demands on them, and explore why they do not seem to want to leave the profession as readily as hospital or primary care nurses.

Presenters and credentials:
Dr. Brenda Stade, NP, PhD, RNAO policy analyst