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Ontario Nurses for the Environment - Infirmiers / Infirmières pour l'environnement 

Quarterly Meeting - Réunion trimestrielle

Interest Group Business at the beginning followed by panel discussion - Affaires des groupes d’intérêt au début, suivies d’une table ronde.

Discussion: Looking into the future by learning from the past, reducing waste in nursing

A group of veteran registered nurses will talk about how nursing practice has evolved over their career and how single-use plastics has only become ubiquitous within nursing practice in the past few decades. The following questions will be explored: How did they perform quality patient care that met infection control standards before single-use plastics? How can we learn from these past practices to make nursing practice more sustainable in today and in the future?

Language of discussion: English, but questions and answers in French can be translated as needed.

Langue de discussion : anglais, mais les questions et réponses en français peuvent être traduites PRN.