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This is an exciting and critical event hosted jointly by the Indigenous Nurses and Allies Interest Group and Nursing Students of Ontario focused on cultural competence and Indigenous health. Participants will gain valuable skills and understanding by listening and sharing thoughts with an amazing panel of speakers.


  1. Help nurses understand, define, and describe Northern nursing in contrast with the more familiar nursing in the urban setting
  2. Realize the importance of cultural competence for Indigenous health in all nursing contexts
  3. Discuss and contextualize health and healthcare differences in the North


  • Grace Suva is a Senior Manager in the Indigenous Health Program in the International Affairs and Best Practice Practices Centre (IABPG) at the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO).
  • Daria Juüdi-Hope has dedicated much of her career to northern nursing in remote fly-in-only Indigenous communities. Daria has chaired Kingston’s Health Providers Against Poverty, and is a member of RNAO’s Black Nurses Task Force
  • Chloe Norris is a recent graduate of the Conestoga College-McMaster University Collaborative BScN Program. Chloe’s passions lie in rural and remote nursing and Indigenous health advocacy.

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