Who are the LTC best practice coordinators?

The long-term care (LTC) best practice coordinators work with LTC homes to improve care of residents and their families by adopting practices based on RNAO’s clinical and healthy work environment BPG recommendations. Fourteen best practice co-ordinators work with homes within distinct regions across the province. All are able to tap into resources at RNAO, so homes can learn to not only adopt best practices but do so effectively by leveraging strategic leadership, partnerships with provincial programs, and implementation science approaches.

The LTC best practice coordinators:

  • promote the use of evidence-based best practices,
  • collaborate with those in the home to develop plans that can be sustained and spread,
  • teach those who work in the homes how to develop and sustain an evidence-based practice culture, and
  • support homes to integrate evidence-based practice into mandatory quality improvement plans.

Below is the contact information of the LTC best practice coordinators and the region they support:

Beverly Ann Faubert, RN, BScN, GNC(C), CHPCN(C), CPMHN(C)
LTC Homes in Erie St. Clair and South West

Contact RNAO
LTC Homes in Central and Central East North Scarborough

Sue Sweeney, RN
LTC Homes in South West

Connie Wood, RN, BScN, MN
LTC Homes in Central East

Shaila Aranha, RN, MScN, PMP
LTC Homes in Waterloo Wellington and HNHB

Lee Mantini, RN, MHScN
LTC Homes in South East

Deirdre Boyle, RN, BScN
LTC Homes in Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (HNHB)

Contact RNAO, RN, BScN, BSc, RAC-C, GNC(C)
LTC Homes in Champlain

LTC Homes in Central West, South West and HNHB

Contact Heather Woodbeck 
LTC Homes in North Simcoe Muskoka and North East

Janice Britton, RN, BScN
LTC Homes in Mississauga Halton and HNHB

Contact Heather Woodbeck 
LTC Homes in North East​​​​​

Susan McRae, RN, BScN, MHSM
LTC Homes in Toronto Central and Central East South Scarborough

Heather Woodbeck, RN, HBScN, MHSA
LTC Homes in North West and North East

LTC Program Contacts

If you are unsure of which coordinator to contact, please call the RNAO office at (416) 599-1925 or toll free 1-800-268-7199 or email LTCBPP@RNAO.ca